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Engineering is applying the physical principles to create devices, objects and machines. Mechanical engineers use the principles of heat, force, and the conservation of mass and energy to analyses static and dynamic physical systems when designing things such as cars, planes, trains and other vehicles, cooling systems, heating systems, appliances and industrial machinery and so on. Mechanical engineering is a very broad field in the world of engineering. We provide specialized services or skills to a client .We are experts in our fields and new engineers / professionals with specific training in analyzing problems and developing solutions. Here below figure shows our functional Excellency and the specific domain we provide services.

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List of Projects

  1. Hydraulic through flow measurement of fuel pump.
  2. Calibration of Fuel pump.
  3. Low cost VE pump calibration system.
  4. Suspension design.
  5. Electronic control carburetor in two wheeler.
  6. Chain less cycle.
  7. Reduction Gear box.
  8. Automatic air venting.
  9. Low cost emission analyzer.
  10. Racing car.
  11. Engine design.
  12. Common rail fuel system.
  13. Fatigue testing machine.
  14. Ring testing machine.
  15. Compressed air vehicle.
  16. Spring testing machine.
  17. Two stroke petrol injection.
  18. Variable drive.
  19. Gas injector.


We can develop  many other projects in the below field of engineering.

  1. Automobile .
  2. Mechanical/Production.
  3. Automation And Mechatronics.
  4. Robotics.
  5. Pneumatic And Hydraulic.
  6. Thermal And Refrigeration & A/C.
  7. Non-Conventional - Solar & Wind.
  8. Agriculture.
  9. Aeronautical & Marine.
  10. Tool & Die And Jig & Fixture.